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Arcoiris scholarship - Erasmus Mundus 

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ARCOIRIS is an institution-based mobility and scholarship project organized by a Consortium of some of the most prestigious universities in Europe and Argentina. It is developed within the frame of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (EMA2) program, which is a cooperation and mobility scheme in the area of higher education funded by the European Commission. The EMA2 objective is to promote the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills at the higher education level. ARCOIRIS is one of the 2 EMA2 projects selected by the European Commission for Lot 16A (Argentina) in 2011. The project is aimed at students and scholars from Argentina who are willing to spend a mobility period abroad in Europe, for the purpose of studying, teaching or carrying out training and research. Students and scholars can choose from a wide variety of academic fields at different levels of study (Doctorate, Post-doctorate and Staff exchange) offered by one of the European partner Universities. Scholarships will be awarded to applicants selected by the Consortium. The project finances the expenses engendered by the mobility, including travel costs, subsistence allowances, participation and insurance costs.


1. Características

Tipo: Becas de movilidad

Lugar de disfrute: Europa / Unión Europea  -  FRANCIA / PORTUGAL / SUECIA / ALEMANIA / ITALIA / ESPAÑA

Características: For the duration of the mobility period beneficiaries will receive the following monthly subsistence allowance: 1500 euros.

Each beneficiary’s travel costs will be covered by the project within the total limit of 2,000 - 2,500 euro. This rate is established by the European Commission on the basis of the linear distance between the location of origin of the beneficiary and the hosting university premises. Travel costs may include the visa costs borne by participants.
Each beneficiary will receive a full insurance coverage (health, travel, accident) for the duration of the scholarship period. The costs for such insurance are covered by the project.


2. Requisitos

Fuente y Fecha de convocatoria: Arcoiris  - 20/09/2012

Target Group 1: Students and scholars registered in one of the Partner Universities and academic staff currently enrolled in or employed by one of the Partner Universities. Applicants must be nationals of Argentina. Doctorate students belonging to Target Group 1 can apply for scholarships as exchange students. Exchange students are registered at a university (home university) and temporarily study at a partner university (host university). The exchange period can be one or more semesters. Exchange students will not normally obtain a diploma from the host institution, but this may be possible in specific cases where the home and host universities establish a Co-directed-theses agreement. All academic results will be sent to the students' home university and will be recognized by using the following tools: the Work Plan Proposal and, if applicable, the Learning Agreement, plus the Final Report and, if applicable, the Transcript of Records. Exchange Doctorate students need the approval for mobility by both their home and host university.


3. Solicitud

Plazo: 30 de noviembre de 2012

Impreso de solicitud: All applications must be submitted online through the application system provided on the project web site. See the application page at: It is possible to submit up to 3 applications to different universities. Applicants cannot benefit from more than one scholarship within the ARCOIRIS project. While filling in the application, applicants are requested to provide the following information: - Personal data: all Personal Data fields are compulsory. Applicants should provide their valid e-mail address because all communication will be realised by mail. - Target group and study level. - Academic data: all data concerning the level of education (and diploma) are obligatory. The following data will be requested: Name of University/College, Location, Start Date, End Date, Type of Degree, Subject of degree, 3 key subjects, Average grade. At the time of submitting the application, candidates must possess the diploma required for the type of mobility they are applying. - Host institution and course: students and scholars should only apply for a study field equivalent to their current or previous study program and of which they master the language. - Language competences: if requested by the host university, applicants should prove their knowledge of the language in which the courses are held. The application must be submitted online only and no hard copies of the application or of the required documents should be sent or delivered. After the selection process, the host university may ask the selected candidates to send them one original hard copy of the application including all the attachments. If asked to, selected candidates must also present the originals for verification at the host university for registration. Applicants, either students, scholars or staff, must provide with their application a number of documents certifying their identity, eligibility and academic qualifications. Examples of required documents are: CV, motivation letter, transcripts of records, language certifications, diplomas or other documents to certify the study level needed for the selected course or programme at the host university. The application form will only be valid if all the compulsory documents have been attached. All attached documents should be in English or an English translation certified by your university must be provided. Please note that all certificates/degrees have to be certified by stamps of the university. The required documents depend on the type of mobility and on the target group, as well as on the course or program selected by the applicant. Specific information on the academic and language requirements for each program at each university are provided on the project website in the Fields of Study section. For more information consult the call for applications.

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